Boldsquare delivers strategic communications that drive meaningful results. Our deep experience, foresight and inventiveness helps clients relate the full power of communication across multiple stakeholder audiences. Our client experience spans a wide variety of industry sectors, public and private companies, professional associations and not-for-profits.

Examples of recent client projects include:

  • A public company whose chief executive recently left unexpectedly—we worked with the chairman to ensure the company managed that crisis story with investors, customers, employees, etc. The company has been so happy with the work that we are now working on a new go-to-market plan with the incoming CEO.
  • A public company that has grown from $500m to $3b in the last eighteen months–they need help putting some rigor and structure around what they are doing from a communications perspective; in particular, we are working with the CEO to help reimagine his relationship with his board of directors and help create strategic alignment with employees as the company continues to grow.
  • A multi-billion-dollar global company that is facing an environmental class action—they need help with their attempts to keep out of the action (or if the suit proceeds, needs help managing their reputation as they proceed through it).
  • A privately held company that is growing from a “family business” that has been incredibly successful nationally—they need help in bringing employees along with them as they seek to establish more modern working practices. We are helping them completely overhaul the way they interact with their staff, from onboarding to day-to-day interactions.
  • A nationally known organization that is repositioning some of its public activity—they need help to ensure a number of scheduled events tell the right story about the institution.
  • A significant non-profit that is relaunching itself—it needs help with positioning as it seeks to gear up for a giving campaign.
  • A number of prominent former chief executives of companies—they require assistance as they seek to position themselves in the business and philanthropic worlds following retirement.