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3 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Brand Loyalty

The majority of CEOs perceive social media as a distracting, risky business. In fact, Forbes notes that 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no presence on social media at all. 

Skepticism aside, CEO engagement on social media helps communicate company values, shape reputation, and grow corporate leadership in times of crisis. CEOs who take advantage of these opportunities can turn social media into an effective tool to boost their brand loyalty. 

It won’t happen overnight, but CEOs who consistently use social media can build an influencer-status following that extends their industry thought leadership. 

As you continue to establish yourself as a trusted and credible leader, here are 3 ways social media can help boost your brand loyalty: 

Create a personal connection. 

CEOs who are active on social media appear as “real people” with genuine insights. In other words, it humanizes leadership. Your content doesn’t need to be all business, all the time. As long as it is authentic and intentional, CEOs can build meaningful connections. 

Unfortunately, executives are often dubbed as cynical beings concerned primarily with money and power. Visibility on social media can help to fade these assumptions by creating a sense of empathy and connection with the CEO and the brand they represent. 

Provide a direct line of communication.

Social media provides better access to customers and audiences. CEOs can see exactly what is being said about their brand. Transparency is an extremely valuable trait, but executives aren’t easily accessible. Having a social media presence creates a more transparent, “direct line” of communication. 

Customer feedback, experiences, and complaints are merely a few examples of what could be flying around about your company online. With social media, CEOs are given the chance to listen and respond. 

However, this means that executives who ignore their customers on social media will not be successful. It is important to acknowledge even the most negative comments. Doing so will boost credibility, and customers’ trust in the brand and its leaders. 

Keep customers in the loop. 

CEOs who use social media are able to share information with their followers anywhere, anytime. Updating customers about company practices, products, or services can be done quickly and with widespread reach. Your audience feels like they are part of the business, creating an even closer relationship. 

Customers also value leaders who are open about the ins-and-outs of their brand. As the face of the company, CEOs have a responsibility to keep people informed in an honest and timely manner. 

If it hasn’t already been made clear enough, building brand loyalty in today’s interconnected world is highly dependent on the CEOs ability to leverage the power of social media. Now’s the time to engage and communicate with your social media market and build your brand loyalty to new heights. 

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