Driving transformational change

Boldsquare was asked to work with a new leadership team of a global R&D group facing dynamic, disruptive – and constant – organizational change that was impacting their commitment to deliver meaningful results.

We started from a good place. The leadership team recognized what Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” They also embraced the notion that they needed their employees committed to the change as well as involved in driving the change.

With that solid foundation, we collaborated with the leadership team to develop a strategic communication plan that was based on messaging that explored and explained the rationale for change (Why is this happening) as well as the impact (What’s in it for me) of the change. The plan included a detailed tactical approach that was based on the principles that:

  • Employees heard the messages from the senior leaders and their immediate supervisors – not the project team.
  • The rhythm of communications needed to be constant and delivered first and foremost through face-to-face efforts – and then repeatedly reinforced (and updated as details evolved) through other channels (newsletters, email, web sites, etc.).
  • Underscored the importance of two-way communication; to have conversations; to listen. To give employees multiple opportunities (and ample time) to ask tough, challenging questions.

Before announcing the changes we coached the senior leader and his team about the consequence of being strong leaders; to be aligned, authentic and prepared. We provided support that included messaging narratives, team-specific announcements and Q&A documents.

We rehearsed and role played, encouraging managers to ask their people to help make the changes possible. We set up working sessions with small groups to not only build on the conceptual framework, but to share ideas and suggest next steps to move the organization forward.

We delivered. Our efforts exceeded our client’s expectations but even more satisfying Boldsquare unleashed the power of communications to driving transformational organizational change.