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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Why CEOs Should Invest in Design Systems

As a CEO, time is money, and infrastructure is your best friend. With the onset of all things digital, simplifying processes and optimizing time is more critical than ever. To stay competitive in the hyper-evolving digital market, the c-suite needs to forgo band-aid solutions and invest in digital infrastructure that lets their design and development teams work smarter, not harder. That’s where design systems come in.

A design system is essentially a product that supports the creation of other products. It has cohesive scalable features that automate the process of designing and developing digital products. In short, it’s a system that simplifies your employees’ workflow and improves your customers’ experience.

Implementing a design system is no quick and easy task. It’s a complex process that can take months to build. So, what’s the return on investment? How can a design system boost business?

Optimizes workflow

When digital platforms are patchworked together, bugs and redundant tasks inevitably pop up. Because a design system automates the design and development process, your teams won’t have to waste as much time on these avoidable operational blockers.

Saves time

If you had to reinvent the wheel every time you needed a ride, you’d never get to your destination. Design systems let you store your “wheels” so they don’t have to be reinvented. Design and development teams won’t have to recreate the same element for different platforms and can instead pull from the database of elements in the design system.

Improves customer experience

You want your customers to have a flawless experience, no matter what channel(s) they use to engage with your brand. Design systems’ component atomization standardizes usability across platforms. They reduce bugs and glitches so your customers (and your employees for that matter) have an optimal digital experience.

Boosts employee satisfaction

Ever put together a piece of furniture, only to realize you’re missing a tool or the right kind of screw? That’s what it can be like trying to build out your digital platform without a design system – incredibly and needlessly frustrating. Design systems are crafted to make sure your teams have the right tools and pieces to get the job done every time. They remove unnecessary and tedious operational issues and consequently boost employee satisfaction.

Grows with you

Why invest in a tool that works today but is useless tomorrow? You need a tool that supports systematic growth. Design systems are inherently scalable – they grow with your company. So, while it takes time to set up and implement a design system, it’s an investment that will ensure your company can maintain a competitive edge. 

The digital marketplace is only going to expand and companies that want to lead in the market need sustainable solutions that support their digital growth. Investing in a design system today is key to conquering the digital market tomorrow. 

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