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Where strategy meets creativity

Boldsquare develops customized strategic plans that enable organizations to drive the change that matters most to them. Helping leaders get from Point A, to Point B, and beyond.

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    Corporate Communications

    Take control of your narrative. Tell your own story.

    In a world where information travels faster and further than ever before, strong and effective communications are essential. Boldsquare partners with leaders and organizations to help ensure your story doesn’t get lost in translation with your most important stakeholders. Engaging, influencing, and motivating the audiences most important to you is critical to long-term success, and Boldsquare ensures you stay on message, on target and on the front foot.
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    Influence the audiences that matter most through shaping organizational narrative in key external communications channels.
    Proactively and reactively manage complex reputational roadblocks and core organizational problems, to navigate businesses and individuals through rough waters.
    Enhance understanding and awareness of your organizationʼs strategy and performance with key financial audiences, to drive valuation and engagement.

    C-Suite Consulting

    Counsel from people who have been in your shoes.

    Our team is comprised of experienced executive leaders who know first-hand the pressures, complexities, and high stakes of running an organization. Whether it’s helping you create alignment with your board, motivating employees, or inspiring investors with your growth strategy, the Boldsquare team offers actionable and insightful counsel to help strengthen your leadership presence and drive results in the areas that matter most to your organization.
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    Demonstrate your and your organization’s expertise to establish credibility, increase visibility, and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.
    Maximize leadership effectiveness, and tap into the full potential of your executive bench strength, through proven personalized programs. 
    Deepen and enhance relationships with directors by building more engaging and effective communications and influence programs for both public and private organizations.

    Organizational Management

    Get everyone rowing in the same direction.

    The professional world has changed markedly over recent years. From hybrid work models to shifting priorities and workforce dynamics, keeping teams aligned is more important – and more challenging - than ever. Our team partners with leaders to examine and interrogate the challenges, opportunities and structures of each organization we work with, helping them develop tailored solutions that drive growth, motivate and align teams, and empower deeper effectiveness.
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    Manage mission critical shifts in strategy, organizational structure and governance through programs that nurture stability and productivity. 
    Create organizations that the best talent wants to join, and that teams want to grow and develop with.
    Improve team understanding of strategy and key initiatives, through compelling programs that drive effectiveness, loyalty and advocacy.

    Full-Service Marketing

    Get the right message to the right audience, every time.

    Boldsquare has deep roots in developing experiential and bleeding edge marketing strategies designed to turn “great messages” into unforgettable ones. We find the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and innovation to give you the power to cut through the noise and influence the audiences that matter most to your organization. Whether to build brand loyalty, attract new audiences, or delight existing customers, we put the results first and build specific strategies to support visionary clients during their most critical moments.
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    Develop a visual and verbal brand identity that will resonate with your key audiences, build customer loyalty, and help you stand apart from your competition.
    Amplify messaging and improve your organization’s content mix with striking video & physical production, and design elements. 
    Deliver targeted, multi-channel marketing and advertising campaigns that increase touch points with your most important audiences and optimize your customer journey.

    About Boldsquare

    Who We Are

    Transforming Organizations Through Communication


    When leaders look to drive change, a PR agency will tell them PR is the answer, a digital marketing firm will say digital marketing is the key, a social media strategist will insist only LinkedIn or Instagram engagement will produce results. At Boldsquare, we donʼt confine solutions to one approach. We work with organizations to build fully customized, multi-disciplinary strategies. Unique challenges call for unique problem-solving, and thatʼs what we do best.


    Bold Thinking