Gail M. Fulwider

During her thirty-five year career Gail has worked with a variety of organizations to help them formulate and implement organizational and human resource strategies that improve leadership effectiveness, increase employee engagement, and support business objectives. Prior to her consulting career, Gail held senior management positions with several firms including Sr. Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development.

As a consultant Gail has helped clients address a wide variety of challenges including leadership assessment and development, talent management, culture and organizational development, implementation of programs to increase employee engagement and retention, integration of mergers and acquisitions, and change management to aid organizations in transition. She has also provided interim human resource management services to organizations in transition and served as a coach and career development advisor for senior managers and executives.

Ms. Fulwider earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. She has also completed Counseling Psychology postgraduate work from the University of Tennessee, is a Certified Leadership Trainer, and is certified to administer numerous employee, management, and leadership assessments.