Driving Performance and Maximizing Value

Businesses today operate in a fast-paced environment, optimizing strategies to react to developments in the marketplace and handling rapidly changing consumer and client behavior. Organizations need to be able to maximize the effectiveness of their employees to deliver the best possible results, and to optimize the value that investors, public markets and potential corporate partners place on the business.

Boldsquare’s insights, programs, and culture and communications experience empower our clients to attract, retain and activate the employees who make success possible. Our programs are powerful tools that can have real impact on the success of the organization by increasing employee engagement, boosting workforce performance and productivity, driving business growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our partners also have extensive expertise in partnering with executive leadership teams to create compelling corporate narratives designed to maximize value. We have created communications strategies for multi-billion dollar acquisitions and sales, venture capital and private equity investment, ownership transitions, and global mergers. Boldsquare’s experience helps leaders focus investment audiences on key financial and operational narratives, and generate the greatest possible value for key stakeholders.

Influencing the Audiences that Matter Most

Regardless of industry sector or business model, every organization has stakeholders and audiences they must continually engage, retain and motivate if they are to drive success at the top and bottom line. Whether those key audiences are shareholders, customers, boards of directors, employees, government figures, vendors or many other groups, delivering effective and persuasive messaging to them is key to enabling long-term growth.

Boldsquare works hand in hand with clients to better understand the exact audiences that are most integral to each organization, and then devises comprehensive strategies to more effectively reach, influence and persuade them using tactics and tools specifically designed for each group. We deepen engagement with existing stakeholders and audiences, broaden the organization’s reach to influence new target groups, and then align all stakeholders behind the most essential strategies and messages.

Whether you’re looking to win a vital piece of business from one key decision maker, investment from your board or from venture capitalists, or the hearts and minds of thousands of employees worldwide, Boldsquare can help ensure that your message hits its target.

Strategic Insight, Expert Counsel and Creative Thinking

Every single business is different, and faces unique challenges and opportunities as a result. Boldsquare’s partners take the time to understand the intricacies of each one of our clients, and the ecosystem in which they operate. We don’t believe in on-size-fits-all off-the-shelf solutions, but instead use deep insight and creative thinking to deliver expert counsel and implementation that helps our clients grow and move forward.

This is all made possible because of the many years in-depth experience that our partners have working with major global corporations, complex organizations and emerging companies. Each member of the Boldsquare team has helped a wide range of businesses navigate multi-faceted strategic, organizational and communications challenges, and brings deep understanding, wisdom and intuition to each client engagement as a result.

Through our strategic insights we transform situations, kickstart growth and enhance value. Our expert counsel services enable us to support CEOs and the C-suite with board relations, leadership transitions, executive coaching and thought leadership strategies. Underpinning all of this is a commitment to thinking differently and creatively to ensure that we influence all stakeholders as effectively as possible.

Helping Organizations Grow and Change

Boldsquare enables organizations to manage transformation and change initiatives by taking advantage of strategic and industry shifts to grow and flourish. Offering a distinctive set of services and highly experienced transformation and change professionals, we focus on strategies and methodologies that result in the adoption of new behaviors and mindsets for employees and management. Boldsquare’s proven track record guides your organization along your transformation and change expectations, assessing your organization’s risk and readiness for change, developing communication strategies and implementing workforce and management transition programs.

Managing and Mitigating Crisis

The effectiveness of managing and mitigating crisis situations is directly related to the speed and accuracy of the organization’s communication. Boldsquare’s crisis professionals and communications services enable organizations to prepare for, respond to and recover from a major adverse event. Our crisis communication plans and strategies help to mitigate unforeseen impacts that can jeopardize the critical assets, reputation and financial standing of an organization. Included in our crisis communication experience are product recalls, health, safety and environmental concerns, financial and corporate controversies and workplace issues.