The Boldsquare Group has established itself as one of the fastest growing strategy and communications groups in the Southeast. The group’s two business units, Boldsquare and Bandera, work with a rapidly expanding array of leading brands, public companies and innovative organizations.

The Work

We build highly tailored strategies, processes and tactics that deeply impact the audiences that are most important to our clients, enhancing perception and inspiring action. We make clients look good, and we make organizations and bottom lines look better.

Every day is different, but often our projects look like this:

  • Highly strategic change management
  • Innovation enablement
  • Long-term objective planning programs
  • Laser-targeted tactical initiatives including ESG and investor relations
  • Brand development
  • Stakeholder engagement

Rare and Mythical…

Our team has a track record of leading and developing team strategy, innovation and communications at some of the biggest and best-known brands around. We were tired of being pitched by senior talent only to have our accounts run by enthusiastic but inexperienced team members, so we built Boldsquare Group to turn that model on its head.

Now, as a result of our rapid expansion, we’re looking for rare and mythical individuals to join our team and help us take another leap forward in our exciting new growth story.

Unicorns Wanted

Do unicorns like this still exist? Damn right they do, and at The Boldsquare Group, we don’t believe in settling for anything less than the best.

We love specialists who are rock stars in a very specific field like business intelligence or demand generation. At the same time, we’re excited right now by the prospect of triple threat talent who can play multiple positions on the field. We’re looking for all-rounders who know what it takes to work in partnership with ambitious businesses and changing organizations, who understand how to manage teams working on complex projects, and who still love the thrill of finding and engaging new clients.

Preferred Superpowers

*This is not an exhaustive list. If your superpower is not listed here, please notify our team at once as we delight in the unknown.*

  • Building deep and effective relationships with client partners and organizations.
  • Galvanizing the internal team to produce the best possible work to tight deadlines on specific budgets.
  • Resource management, task assignment and quality control
  • Triaging projects and problem solving, seeing around corners to catch issues before they emerge and to keep plates spinning across multiple initiatives on parallel tracks
  • Helping creative and ideation development, while never losing sight of the need to deliver tasks and projects on a day-to-day basis
  • Crunching data and measuring internal and external progress to ensure continuous improvement
  • Identifying, developing and finalizing new business opportunities, through work with new targets and existing clients.
  • Being an ambassador for the business in the broadest possible sense, helping the business reach and influence more people who can help
  • Keeping an eye on the big picture while never losing sight of the minutiae

Think you might be just what we’re looking for? If so, you’re probably been working in-house in strategy and communications roles for a few years, and are eager to get more responsibility and scratch an entrepreneurial itch. Or maybe you’re doing interesting work in roles in advertising or communications agencies, and looking to break the glass ceiling that is currently stopping you from moving on in your career.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, the talent we are looking for is eager to make a difference and be part of a team that is mixing vast experience with out-of-the-box thinking to help clients be consistently better in everything they do.

We’re Worldwide (or at least you can be)

We’re headquartered in Knoxville, TN, and we imagine that these roles will be based in our creative offices there. We’ve got an office in Cincinnati, OH and a distributed workforce in cities across the United States and around the world, so we’re open to other arrangements too. We’ve got high hopes that our unicorns can grow and develop with the company though, so it would be great to see you face-to-face as well as on the incessant video calls. Of course, anything is possible for the right talent.

Create Your Own Adventure

These are create-your-own-adventure opportunities. We want the best possible people, and we’ll work with the right candidates to make sure that we build roles that make the most out of their strengths and experience. Sure, you’ll need to know your way around the normal bits of software, but more than anything we’re looking for people who know how to get things done and who dream of achieving big things.

We’re also always looking for the best possible management consultants, presentation specialists, designers, researchers, project managers, analysts and marketeers of all persuasions to join our flexible workforce. Whether you’ve got a few hours to spare or you’re keen to share your skills with a view to joining the team full-time, we want to hear from you.

Posted on March 25, 2021